STAR$ Accumulation & Expiry

  • 1. What are the benefits and privileges that I can enjoy as a CapitaStar member?

    In addition to the accumulation of STAR$ for eCapitaVoucher redemption through the CapitaStar app, active members get to enjoy the following:

    • Redeem exclusive deals on the CapitaStar App
    • Attractive benefits with CapitaStar's partners
    • Additional Perks during your Birthday Month
    • Updates and invitations to the latest members’ only events / promotions at participating CapitaLand Mall
  • 2. How do I accumulate STAR$ (points for CapitaStar)?

    Simply by uploading your receipt images through the CapitaStar App!

    • For every dollar spent, you will be entitled to STAR$ rounded down to the nearest dollar.
    • STAR$ are awarded based on the nett purchase value after deduction of discounts at all participating retailers.

    STAR$ are also automatically awarded when you dine and shop in Jewel Changi Airport, after you have linked your CapitaStar and Changi Rewards accounts. Click here to find out more.

    STAR$ are also automatically awarded for purchases on eCapitaMall and Capita3Eats. STAR$ are awarded based on nett purchase amount and excludes delivery fees. 

    STAR$ issued will stored in your membership account with indicated expiry date and you can check on your balance through the CapitaStar App.

  • 3. What can I do with my accumulated STAR$?

    You can redeem your STAR$ for exclusive eDeals and eCapitaVouchers in the CapitaStar App.

    Alternatively, you may also redeem your STAR$ for physical CapitaVouchers by presenting your QR code in the CapitaStar App to any Customer Service Counters in participating CapitaLand Malls (except for Clarke Quay and Jewel Changi Airport*).

    The exchange rate of STAR$ for CapitaVouchers and e-CapitaVouchers are as follows:

    5,000 STAR$ = $5 CapitaVoucher

    10,000 STAR$ = $10 CapitaVoucher

    50,000 STAR$ = $50 CapitaVoucher

    * Please note that Jewel Changi Airport does not accept CapitaVouchers and/or eCapitaVouchers.

  • 4. What is the minimum spend needed in a single receipt to earn STAR$?

    A minimum spend of $20 (Jewel Changi Airport:$10) in a single receipt is required and receipt submitted should not be later than the next day of purchase date to be eligible for STAR$ earning.

  • 5. How many receipts can I upload in a day?

    You can upload as many receipts as long as they are receipts from purchases made by you. However, STAR$ will not be awarded for subsequent receipt(s) upload once you have hit the cap as per below:

    • Cap of 3 receipts for same store purchase in a day
    • Cap of 20 receipts across all malls in a rolling 7-days period
    • Cap of maximum 5,000 STAR$ a day & 7,500 STAR$ a day for PAssion Card-CapitaStar members*

    *Please note that there will not be any PAssion Card-CapitaStar member rewards in Jewel Changi Airport.


  • 6. How long does it take for my receipt submitted to be processed?

    Receipt will be processed within 24 hours from your submission and STAR$ will be reflected in your account summary immediately upon approval.  

  • 7. How do I check my STAR$ balance?

    You can check your STAR$ balance by logging on through any of these CapitaStar platforms:

    • CapitaStar Website (
    • CapitaStar App (Available in App Store™ and Google Play)
  • 8. If I have receipts that are given to me, can I use it to earn the STAR$?

    STAR$ can only be awarded for your own purchases. If any shopper is found using receipts other than their own purchases to accumulate STAR$, CapitaStar reserves the right to terminate their membership.

  • 9. Will my STAR$ expire?

    With effect from 1st October 2018, instead of having all STAR$ expire in June the next year, your STAR$ will now expire one calendar year after your transaction date* - based on the quarter of the year your transaction date falls in.

    For more accurate STAR$ expiry, you may refer to the expiry date in the CapitaStar App.

    *The expiry date will fall on the last day of the month.

    For illustration:

    Period Earned Old Expiry Date New Expiry Date 
    1 Jan 2018 - 30 Sep 2018 30 Jun 2019
    30 Jun 2019
    1 Oct 2018 - 31 Dec 2018 30 Jun 2019
    31 Dec 2019
    1 Jan 2019 - 31 Mar 2019 30 Jun 2020 31 Mar 2020
    1 Apr 2019 - 30 Jun 2019 30 Jun 2020
    30 Jun 2020
    1 Jul 2019 - 30 Sep 2019 30 Jun 2020
    30 Sep 2020
    1 Oct 2019 - 31 Dec 2019
    30 Jun 2020
    31 Dec 2020
  • 10. Which are the outlets that qualify for STAR$ accumulation?

    All outlets with printed receipts / tax invoices within the participating CapitaLand Malls qualify for STAR$ accumulation except the following:  

    Type of receipts NOT accepted
    1 Money changer / Bank / ATM / Financial Services / Post Office
    2 NETS / Credit / Debit Cards transaction slips
    3 Pushcarts
    4 Temporary vendors at promotional spaces i.e atrium, Cloud9 Piazza 
    5 SISTIC, AXS / SAM payments
    6 Cashcard / Stored Value Cards Top-Up transactions
    7 Bill payments
    8 Lottery tickets
    9 Tickets from pawn shops
    10 Purchase of vouchers or gift cards (CapitaVoucher / Shops)
    11 Swissotel / Fairmont Hotel receipts including F&B receipts
    12 Online Purchases
    13 Hotels, Lounges, passenger meeting service counters, tour and travel services and left luggage service counters in Jewel
    14 Jewel Changi Airport attraction tickets
    15 Purchases from the official Apple store in Jewel Changi Airport
    16 Childcare Centre (My First Skool at Westgate) 
    18 Changi Experience Studio tickets
    19 Changi Gift Shop 
    20 Car rental services, airport shuttle and transportation counters
    21 Tobacco products in Jewel
    22 SingPost (Post Office)
  • 11. Must I upload the receipts on the same day of purchase?

    Receipts should be submitted no later than the next day of purchase (11.59pm) to be eligible for STAR$.

    Example :

    • For purchases made on 1 January 2017, receipts must be submitted not later than 2 January 2017, 11.59pm.

    You may upload receipts at your own convenience via the CapitaStar mobile app.

    Download on Apple Store

    Get it on Google Play

  • 12. Are purchases made before I join the CapitaStar rewards programme valid for STAR$ accumulation?

    You may only start accumulating STAR$ for your same-day receipts once you have joined the CapitaStar rewards programme.

  • 13. What is the maximum number of STAR$ that I can collect on the single day?

    For every $1 captured, you will earn 5 STAR$ (1 STAR$ for supermarkets & food courts). You can accumulate up to a maximum of 5,000 STAR$ a day. PAssion Card-CapitaStar members* whom have activated their privileges can accumulate up to a maximum of 7,500 STAR$ a day.

    *Please note that there will not be any PAssion Card-CapitaStar member rewards in Jewel Changi Airport.

  • 14. Which are the participating CapitaLand Malls in this programme?

    You can earn STAR$ when you shop at participating CapitaLand Malls (refer to list below) by uploading your receipt(s) via the CapitaStar app.

  • 15. Why can't I upload more than one receipt at the same time?

    Uploading more than one receipt at the same time will result in missing or confusing information being captured by the system. The receipts will be declined or you may end up with the wrong amount of STAR$ being issued for your spending.

  • 16. Why are my submitted receipts rejected?

    Receipts that contain incomplete or unclear information will be rejected. Do ensure that receipt image submitted is clear and following information has been captured:

    • Mall Name
    • Shop Name
    • Unit Number
    • Transaction Date & Time
    • Receipt Number
    • Transaction Amount

    You may wish to seek assistance from the Customer Service Assistants or CapitaStar Customer Service line (Tel: (65) 6631-9931 / email: ) if you have difficulties uploading your receipts.

  • 17. My receipts are too long and cannot be captured fully, what can I do?

    For long receipts, you may fold it at portion describing the products purchase before uploading it. Please ensure these crucial information are seen:

    • Mall Name
    • Shop Name
    • Unit Number
    • Transaction Date and Time
    • Receipt Number
    • Transaction Amount
  • 18. If the shops do not issue printed receipts, can I still submit the handwritten receipts to earn STAR$?

    You can earn STAR$ for handwritten receipts, as long as it contains these information:

    • Mall Name
    • Shop Name
    •  Unit Number
    • Transaction Date & Time
    • Receipt Number
    • Transaction Amount

    Please note that handwritten receipts will take up to 24 hours to process.

  • 19. Can I transfer my STAR$ to another member?

    Transferring of STAR$ is not allowed between members. However, there are no restrictions in transferring redeemed CapitaVouchers to another recipient.