As part of CapitaStar’s commitment to ensuring that your data is secure and in compliance with Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore (PDPC)’s advisory guidelines on NRIC numbers issued on 31 August 2018, with effect from 8 January 2019, CapitaStar will cease collecting, processing or using NRIC numbers of CapitaStar members for identification purposes. All   CapitaStar members will use either his/her Singapore or Malaysia mobile phone numbers (“local numbers”) as the main identifier. 

In line with this change, we will require all CapitaStar members to perform a one-time verification of your local number. Upon your next login through the CapitaStar application   , you will be prompted to verify your local number through a One-Time-Code (OTC) sent to the local number listed in your membership profile. 

You may edit/update your particulars on the ‘Profile’ page in the CapitaStar application. Please ensure that the particulars in your profile are accurate and complete to receive the latest program updates.

The Terms and Conditions of the CapitaStar Programme will be updated to remove the requirement to provide NRIC numbers as a form of identification, unless otherwise stated. Read more here

Accounts which have not been validated through the verification process of the local number as described above will not be accessible after 8 January 2019. 

This means that you will be unable to perform the following actions:

  1. Accessing the CapitaStar App
  2. Uploading of receipts across all channels 
  3. Earning of STAR$
  4. Redemption of CapitaVouchers or eCapitaVouchers
  5. Redemption and/or usage of shopping rewards
  6. View STAR$ transactions or balance

To continue accessing your CapitaStar account, please follow the steps below. 

1. Verify Account (Singapore)

1. Verify Account (Malaysia)

2. Confirm Mobile Number

3. Key in One Time Code

4. Verification Successful

For any enquiries, please contact us at:



Hotline: (65) 6631-9931 




3 Damansara | (60) 03-7663 2801

East Coast Mall | (60) 09-565 8600

Gurney Plaza | (60) 04-2228 111

Melawati Mall | (60) 03-4101 0888 

Queensbay Mall | (60) 04-6198 989

The Mines | (60) 03-8949 633


For more information on  the advisory guidelines for NRIC numbers issued by PDPC, please click here